ATV Modifications

Different Types of Useful ATV Modifications

As with any vehicle, there are a wide variety of different ATV modifications that can be made, some of which are more helpful than others. Modifications to ATVs vary based upon the look of the ATV, the power of the engine or the comfort and sturdiness of the vehicle. Most of these modifications should also be done based upon the work the particular ATV is doing.
That is the first step—what will make your ATV be more useful to your needs. If there is a ton of off-road work being done in the ATV where you need to ride at high speed through rough terrain, then modifications of the tires and suspension are ideal. If hauling of heavy items over a longer distance is something the ATV is being used for, then a modification of the engine and its overall torque is a good modification. If you’re riding an ATV around town with your friends, maybe you want something that makes the ATV more comfortable or noteworthy when people see you.

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