Dirtbike Modifications

What Dirtbike Modifications are Best for Riding in Spruce Grove, AB

While there are a wide variety of different dirtbike modifications you can do, each location where the dirtbike is being ridden will change what is best modification-wise. If you’re riding on long open stretches of flat land, smaller tires and a faster engine will be necessary, while dirt bikes doing multiple jumps and riding in rough terrain will need bigger tires and stronger suspension. It all depends on your setting.
In a place like Spruce Grove, AB in Canada, chances are you will be in more rugged off-road terrain. So the best modifications will most likely be to the tires and suspension, so the bike will be able to handle jumps and rugged trails, hopping rocks and tree stumps in it’s way without a fear of popping a tire or bottoming the bike out. However, while dirt bikes are relatively rugged vehicles in general, plan on having regular maintenance done to them after these rides in the Canadian wilderness.

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