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Fight By Fight

Moto Riders and the Fight by Fight Mentality

To ride motocross, one must possess a fight by fight mentality. But what does this mean exactly?
There are regularly videos published online of moto riders getting into fist fights with each other because one cut the other one off during a race or caused them to crash and ruined their chances of winning. This occurs both on purpose and by accident and the sport of motocross is so tough and high octane that these altercations should come as no surprise.
This fight by fight mentality is something inherent to the sport in general, however. It’s what it takes to compete in these races where riders are sprinting past each other on heavy machines doing everything they possibly can to win. It’s something those who are interested in being a part of motocross also need to adopt into their own personalities, taking one challenge at a time and trying to win each proverbial fight.

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