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We Are A Licensed Out Of Province Inspection Facility

An Out of Province Inspection for motorcycles in Alberta ensures that the vehicle meets safety and equipment standards specific to the province. Here are the key details about this inspection:



Inspection Process:

  • Obtain an Inspection Request Form from any Alberta Registry to initiate the process.

  • Present the motorcycle along with the completed form to our inspection facility.

  • The inspection typically can take up to 2 hours, although the duration may vary based on the type of vehicle.

  • The inspection covers various aspects, including reflectors, signal lights (DOT-approved), the original rear fender, chain guard, license plate light, and passenger foot pegs. All these components must meet the specified standards for the motorcycle to pass the inspection.


Repairs (if Necessary):

  • If the motorcycle fails the inspection, you have 10 days from the original inspection date to complete the necessary repairs. Otherwise , another complete inspection of the vehicle is required.


Certificate Presentation:

  • Upon passing the inspection, you’ll receive an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Certificate and a Record of Inspection.

  • Present the Certificate of Inspection to an Alberta Registries Agent within 14 days of the completed inspection.

  • If the certificate is produced after the 14-day limit, it will not be accepted, and a new Out of Province Inspection will be required.


Out of Province Inspection $269.00 +GST

Re-inspection $75.00 +GST

Insurance Safety Inspection $135.00 +GST

Pre-  After Purchase Inspection  $69.00 +GST

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