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Snowmobile Service Packages

We understand that your snowmobile is more than just a machine, it's a passion. That's why our Snowmobile Package is designed so you can spend more time doing what you love - riding the snowmobile. Our experienced technicians provide a comprehensive service that will have your equipment in its best condition, so you can hit the trails with confidence in no time.

Inspection Includes

  • Inspect Oil Injection Pump

  • Replace Spark Plugs*

  • Inspect Throttle Cable And Adjust If Required

  • Inspect Drive Belt

  • Visually Inspect Drive Pulley

  • Adjust And Align Track

  • Replace Chain Case Oil*

  • Adjust Drive Chain

  • Inspect Exhaust System For Leaks

  • Inspect Coolant Level

  • Inspect Fuel lines And Connections

  • Inspect Brake Pads,Disc, Brake Fluid Level And Hoses

  • Inspect Steering

  • Inspect Runners And Skis

  • Inspect Front Suspension

  • Inspect Rear Suspension And Slider Shoes

  • Lubricate Grease Points

  • Read And Clear Fault Codes ( If Applicable)

Price does not include parts which may vary from model to model. Price plus GST. Time offer ends November 15, 2023

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